One day at Scandinavian Photo

The day began in the most tremendous way ever: Rain coming down like a waterfall. Let's say the car drive to Stockholm was... Interesting...
(Excuse the picture quality, the majority of them are taken with mobile camera)
In the office, I started sorting cameras and checking the battery in them all.
One of the boys in the office had bought flowers for the shop so I helped him out a little by taking a nice picture (I'm so helpful) ;)
Then we went to one of Swedens biggest TV-stations and delivered some camera stuff.
Blurry picture of the studio where "NyhetsMorgon", or "Morning News" is recorded.
Then we had lunch at a nice Italian Restaurant and after that we went to another place to deliver orders.
After that I spent the rest of the afternoon in the offices, carrying orders and sorting stuff and simply being creepy by shoving up a camera in the face of hard working people.
(Yes, that is a goat on the shelf)
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