London July

On our way to Epping, a town about 1 hour (by tube) from London where our hotel for the night was. 
Lunch Break on Oxford Street.
Unfortunately, I have no idea what these houses were, but they looked nice and reminded me of Germany ;)
 Piccadilly Circus: Definitely Overrated, not quite sure why this is such a big must see when in London?
 Classic Tourist picture.
 Big Ben and the London eye. And Oh my god do I feel stupid that I thought someones phone was ringing when Big Ben's bells chimed :'D 

Houses of Parliament.
 The next day, we were supposed to wait for my Dads cycling Group at the Mall, but it turned out to be a huge parade with the entire worlds Salvation Army (About 4000 people were there) so we ended up watching the entire thing and it was awesome!
After 8 days and 1100 km of cycling, these brave cyclists finally reached the goal at the Buckingham Palace. Throughout their journey the past year, they managed to earn 4 million SEK to donate to "The children Cancer Fund".
The Mall.
 Trafalgar Square.
 Millennium Bridge and St. Pauls Cathedral.
Tower Bridge. It looks a lot bigger than it actually is but it's definitely beautiful!
London Sky Line. 
For a book nerd like me, my top destinations were "221b Bakerstreet" and Kingscross Station. 
Okay so grocery Shopping definitely showed a weird side of the UK.
 "Fika" behind Victoria Station. 


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