Banff Mountain Film festival

On Tuesday this week, the Banff Mountain Film Festival took place in Stockholm. 
I'd never even heard of it, so I was really excited to find out what it was. All I knew was that it was in a cinema. 
So, school ended at 14.00, I took a bus home. After about 30 minutes at home I took a bus to Mariefred where I had to wait for another 40 minutes for the next bus that would take me to the train station where dad would meet me. 
As we arrived at the place where the festival was, all I could see was a queue. After 10 minutes everyone was let in, and we got our tickets. 
We were in a big movie theatre and I think we were lucky to get seats ;)
A man presented the event and told us about some movies that we were going to watch. My favorite was the first one, so I'm gonna show you the trailer:
Two norwegian boys spend a year at this beach where they clean it, surf and simply enjoy their selves. That's until winter comes ;)
Some other movies we saw:


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