Workfull Saturday

Woke up at 8 because of a stupid insect that kept flying into my window. 
Then I went to my neighbours who are in Ireland, so I'm taking care of their cat. To get there, you have to walk down a hill and climb over a fence and then pass a river ;)
Then, Dad an I went up to Stockholm, back to my internship place! It was so much fun to meet everyone again :)
We had to count and document everything in the entire shop, this is called inventory. We were split up in groups of two and me and my partner counted everything you see on this picture. Took us a good 2,5 hours.To hear echother we ran around with headsets. It is hard to keep full focus for 3 hours, so after some time, we had some kind of karaoke competition in the office... We also ate a lot of candy. We were 19 people and it took us 6 hours to finish the shop, and the storage. 
(PS, I counted 200 papers... I had to start over 3 times because of people who just couldn't resist to start a conversation)


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