Internship @ Scandinavian Photo

 Yesterday I had my first Internship day at the photo shop, Scandinavian Photo. I had to learn 20 new names (I think) and I accidently shook hands with the same people twice which was awkward. I got to play Santa by packing orders and sending them off all over Europe, I got to listen to deep discussions like "What language is the most beautiful" and "What's the difference between Materia and Antimateria" while sorting tons of orders for a lot of different people. My first day ended with a photo course which was really good, and I learnt some new stuff. Excited to try it out! I have been drinking 5 cups of hot chocolate and 3 bottles of water during these 2 days and I also got a nice hoodie with the shop's brand on it. 
Here are some quite bad quality pictures from these two days:
The Busy office:
 Nice autumn weather that makes you appreciate the hot chocolate in the shop.
Dad and I printed one of the pictures I'd taken in Åre and now I can have a part of my summer paradise in my room which is great since I haven't gotten over Åre yet...


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