Sweden seen through our eyes

A month ago I was out filming a bit in the Swedish nature. I filmed fields, forest, horses etc etc ;)
Then, when I wanted to edit it all to a movie my computer decided to kill my idea by not accepting the moviefiles. So, I asked my friend, Jenny, who according to me is a great Movie editor to help me. And she did!
I had two wishes for the video, I wanted it to contain slow motion and a song from the Piano guys.
 And now the result is done, and I'm in love with it!
Thank you so Much Osten!

Postat av: Jenny

:* ♥~

Svar: :D
Claudia .

2014-07-27 - 10:30:41
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Postat av: Carina Paus

Wow, vilken fin film! Vad duktig du är.

Svar: Tack så mycket! Vad kul att du hittade hit :D

2014-09-15 - 20:19:17


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