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So, natural horsemanship. What is that? Well, It's really much, and to say it shortley, it's a natural way to communicate and work with your horse. 
I'll tell you a story.
All pics are from, a Great NH blog.

It's the Swedish championships. It's dressage. The horses are shining, the leatherequipment is reflecting the light and there is a smell of shine spray hanging in the air. The boxes are full of stressed horses, scratching the floor with their hooves and loud laughs and nervous talk fills the stable. In every box, the horses are getting saddled, but we will focus on the big white horse and his rider who are getting ready in the corner of the active stable. The tall man pats his horse on the back and fastens all the straps, chains and bridles. The horse protests while he tightens the saddle-girth, and the man smacks him irritated on the back. The horse stamps frustrated. It's not at all covenient. 
After a long time of tightening straps and grooming the last parts of the horse, the man gets his whip and his helmet and tells his assistant to lead out the horse. The big white stallion spans against the chain round his mouth, finding himself only getting more hurt. He knows what will happen. Old memories flash through his head. Whining whips, beating, hard hands, angry voices... Sometimes it's fun, but then, suddenly it all turns horrible. The horse turns his head around to watch around him. A brown horse is on the trail right now.
The signal sounds and it's their turn. Hell has broken out. 
So what's the alternative? For me, it's NH. If you want to see what NH is, check these videos:

When I work with Trumay, I work with NH. It's hard to explain HOW you should do it, becuse NH is all about YOUR communication with YOUR horse. You have to feel what works best for you and try out your own ways. 
For you Lotte, I recommend this page and this page.
And just to show you some more "Not claudia approved horse stuff", check this out: 
Horses cannot be forced to do anything they don't want. Well, I'm glad they think this is really fun and that they do it because they just LOVE to walk through fire! Or not...


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