Summer with the horses

These are only 7 of the 109 pictures I took yesterday! I had a great time shooting these five cuties ;)

Self Portraits


The man who talked to birds

It was a rainy day in Stockholm when we strolled through Kungsträdgården. All of the sudden I saw a man talking to him self in a foreign language. I walked closer to see if he was okay because he was sitting bent over in a funny way. That was when I discovored he was whispering to the birds that sat around him on the ground. Occasionally, one of them would fly up and steal a bit of his sandwich. I watched them for a long while, and the man told me a bit about the birds. After a while, he said "So, that's it!" and the birds would check his hands one last time, just to make sure there wasn't anything left in them, and then they'd fly away. 
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