Selfportrait gone wrong ;)

(About to tip)
So I tried and shoot some selfportraits, which, I'm not good at. I'm better behind the camera. 
Well, I tipped over sometimes because of my standing angle which I had to have since there was a roof 20 cm above me, and these 2 pics were the only ones where you see all of me and not just some feet up in the air ;)
So, to sum up, I'm a crappy modell x)


What a surprise!
Yesterday, one little fella greeted us, and today they were 3!
Aren't they adorable?
Any namesuggestions? We don't know the sexes yet, but go one anyway ;)
You might wonder why the hens belly (pic 2) looks so weird? That's because she has taken her feathers for the nest and also because the "Warming" (Breeding) process should be as effective as possible which is hard with a lot of feathers in the way ;)


Yesterday was the first real summerday.
Me, my sister and my Grand Parents went to Mariefred.
In Mariefred there was a Bazaar called the rhubarb Bazaar. 
We stopped by at the musée railroad:
Rhubarb Icecream *-*
At home we spent the evening in our Garden, feeling all summerhappy ;)
Excuse my messy hair ;)